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Two scholarships ($2,500 and $5,000). In partnership with the Nu Tau Lambda Community Service Corporation, the Denny’s LA franchise restaurants will be offering scholarships in memory of Shami Sall, a loved and admired senior director of Operations of Denny’s. Shami had a helpful spirit and always lived by the creed “giving a hand up instead of a hand out.” This program will award scholarships to two deserving high school students who live in the LA market (U.S. citizen or legal temporary resident) and who have a life story that speaks to Shami’s mantra and personality. To apply for the scholarship, each student will be asked to submit a 300-word essay that answers two questions: "Why is it important to give a hand up instead of a hand out, and how do you apply this to your personal life?" Also required is a copy of the student’s GPA at the end of his or her junior year in high school. Because the student’s name and photograph will be used on the company’s website, the student will need to sign a release for that purpose.

• Applications Open: January 8, 2019
• Applications Close: August 18, 2019
Applications Closed
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